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Please help us save these animals today. We have Dogs, Horses, Cats and more that need to find a new family. Will you be their new forever home? Donations and volunteers are desperately needed to continue our work, please donate today. Every little bit makes a huge difference

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Dogs & Cats Need Homes Nationwide

Unwanted Horses Nationwide

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We are dedicated to helping these beautiful animals find a forever home. 

Our Mission Statement

Homeward Bound Horses and Hounds animal rescue Inc. is dedicated to provide rescue,rehabilitation, and rehoming for all types of animals in need of forever homes.
Through rescue, fostering, advocacy and education it is our goal to end the needless suffering, neglect, abuse and over breeding that occurs every day.
It is our passion to save the animals and help humans improve the quality of their lives with compassion and commitment.
We welcome you to join us and be part of our mission. And, remember…. All lives matter 

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